Jaguar Offspring

Jaguar van Paemel has approximately 75 offspring in Europe. The oldest were born in 2013, and are already starting to make an impression.

We have gathered information about many of the offspring here – please click on each name to read more about each one. If you know about any offspring not listed here, we’d love it if you’d contact us and let us know!

We eagerly await his first U.S. foals, coming in 2020.

Jewel ASK Z

Jewel ASK Z, son of Jaguar van Paemel
Jewel ASK Z, approved for Denmark

Jakarta Z

Jakarta Z, at 4 years

Jetset van Paemel Z

Jetset van Paemel Z, by Jaguar

Nevada van Paemel

Jukebox van Paemel Z

Jukebox van Paemel Z, at age 2