Breeding to Jaguar – 2024 Contract

Jaguar van Paemel

Jaguar van Paemel is an excellent choice for breeding, whether you want to produce a show jumper, a hunter, a dressage horse, or an eventer. His career has been in jumpers, but his smooth and scopey style – passed on to his offspring – will make excellent Hunter Derby prospects as well. We are excited by the potential of his movement for dressage, and we believe his offspring would have the versatility and stamina to make fantastic event horses. 2020 was Jaguar’s first year at stud in America, and he has made dozens of healthy foals. There was no difference in success rates in mares who used fresh semen to mares who used frozen. We like to see all mare owners succeed, as we have in Alabama, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Washington, Florida, California, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, Michigan, Kansas, Nevada, Colorado, Missouri, Pennsylania and Mexico.

Jaguar van Paemel Stud Fees 2024

Mare owners and their vets have raved about Jaguar’s semen motility, whether it was frozen or fresh ! Brian Becht Hansen, ( owner of Tallin Farm in New Jersey,) had two beautiful 2021 Jaguar foals, and he likened Jaguar’s thawed out frozen semen to ” rocket fuel !”

This year we’ve decided to offer fresh semen without a guarantee for half price. This should work well for those ” easy” mares who don’t have problems getting into foal. For the more difficult mares, buying the semen with the LFG, (Live Foal Guarantee,) offers the chance for multiple tries, or a substitute mare if the original intention doesn’t go so easily.

We stand by our customers and do our very best for them, always. Prospective breeders are encouraged to speak with the experts at The Alamo Pintado Clinic ( where Jaguar’s semen is collexcted and shipped from ) — or to request to speak to Jaguar foal owners from the previous season and ask about their experience. We would be happy to put them in touch !

  • $2500 for fresh cooled semen ( no LFG) or $5000 ( with a LFG.)
  • $1500 per dose for frozen semen. ( Nine straws per dose.)
  • Complete payment due to Geraldine Bidwell before being green lighted for shipping from Alamo Pintado Clinic.
  • Special discounts are available for Hunter Derby, Grand Prix mares, and also to all mares who breed back to Jaguar who can show that they have used the word ” Jaguar” somewhere in their previous foal’s registration paper name. It is also possible to ask for a “Group Discount,” if you plan to breed more than two mares at the same time and want to get away with it ( ~ just ask us first, please !)
  • All shipping details and costs for fresh or frozen semen are always handled by The Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center in California directly ; Contact Dr. Ed Hamer at 805-688-6510 for more information. The clinic uses Fed Ex typically, and buyers of semen can insure the Equitaner contents to guarantee a proper delivery of their semen. Or, they can choose to have the semen picked with their own container at the clinic.
  • When they have the availability, The Santa Lucia Farm is a full service breeding and foaling facility, which also offers excellent work. Fernando Canales and Kiley Williams have also had great results with getting mares in foal to Jaguar at this special facility in the Santa Ynez Valley. It is right across the street from the Alamo Pintado Clnic as well. Fernando checks mares at 2 am during breeding season (and always on weekends.) He makes it a point of pride that he never misses a follicle! His team oversaw the successful foaling of several maiden mares who were bred to Jaguar. So, for a stem to stern process, you may also contact them for details at 805-688-3673

Breeding Contract. Please email us for Jaguar’s American 2024 breeding contract (for either Fresh Jaguar Semen or Frozen Jaguar Semen.) Or print it off from this website.

In Europe, Jaguar frozen semen is also made available in Belgium through Stal Morette. ( Jaguar Van Paemel family member, Kim Borloo, can be contacted for any questions about Jaguar or related to purchasing frozen semen in Brussels: [email protected]) The frozen semen that can be sold from Belgium will always be priced at about the same amount as the American frozen semen. We hope this encourages the European customer who wants to continue to breed another beautiful Jaguar foal. Now that he has at least 20 of his early offspring showing between the 1.30 and 1.55 levels, the demand for him in Europe has returned !

Jaguar’s health is solid evidence of his good genes: In Europe he competed in more than 100 FEI jumper classes, but he flexes perfectly and is correct in every way.

Jaguar’s breeder, Karin Verdeyen (along with Luc Van Eeckhoudt), and her daughter Kim Borloo, came to visit Jaguar in his new home in California.

” We actually didn’t have Jaguar vetted before we bought him. We knew the family of Stoeterij Paemel, and we trusted them a hundred percent,” said Geri Bidwell. “If we had not wanted to keep Jaguar, or if — for any reason — it did not seem like he was a fit on our farm — then they would have let us put him on a plane back to Belgium.”

Jaguar arrived sound, and initial x-rays by Dr Steve Goss, showed “perfect joints.” (The films were then sent to a second Board-certified radiologist for his opinion as well.)

Next, Jaguar was thoroughly vetted by Dr Mark Rick of the Alamo Pintado Equine Medical Center. “We are pleased to say that the report is excellent.” Click here to view the summary letter from Dr. Mark Rick. Jaguar’s x-rays are available upon request. His tendons and ligaments look good. He has great feet, with nice cups underneath them. His neck and spine are flexible, with excellent spacing between all of his vertebrae.

The only surprise we found was a bad tooth ! An X-ray of Jaguar’s jaw did reveal one subsurface wolf tooth in the left side of his mouth. The dentist said it was easy to miss because nothing had come through the gumline. “It may have conflicted with the bit when riders pulled back on Jaguar’s reins to shorten his stride,” said Geri Bidwell. The tooth was removed.

Some Breeding FAQs about Jaguar

These questions were asked of Jaguar’s breeder in Belgium, Luc van Eeckhoudt and Karin Verdeyen of Stoeterij Paemel. They also bred his sire Cicero Z van Paemel. We thought their informed responses might be helpful to others.

What is the difference between Jaguar van Paemel and his sire, Cicero Z van Paemel? Jaguar is the luxury version of his father.

Does Jaguar add length (longer back and longer legs)? Jaguar adds longer legs.

Does Jaguar need a mare with blood or does he add blood? Jaguar adds blood.

Does Jaguar add size and bone? Yes

Does Jaguar need a mare with a good mouth? Jaguar has no specific problem with the mouth.

Does Jaguar need the mare to be good in the head or can you bring him difficult mares? It is never recommended to breed a difficult mare – but the question is what is difficult? You should never assume that the stallion will solve everything.

How are Jaguar’s foals? They are as beautiful as their father; they are very smart and athletic.

Do the offspring of Jaguar have any issues with OCD? No specific problem.